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Health and Safety


Get Compliant and Change your business culture so that everyone is Safe Home Every Day


Here at No8HR we're not about reinventing the wheel and making you pay for things that you can get for free...we're about helping you implement the right tools for your business and making sure your Health and Safety systems work for you. 

So if you know you need to do something about Health and Safety in your business and want to utilise Worksafe and Government Approved processes then talk to us about how we can provide you with coaching and support to implement these well in your business. 

No8HR’s specialist People Consultants understand that it isn’t all about the systems, it’s about providing you with the support you need to implement the systems and gain the commitment of your team.  Our consultants work directly with you and provide approved documentation, coach you through the process, create accountability and help you train and facilitative the changes that are needed with your team.


How can we help

•   Provide clarity on what the new legislation means for your business

•   Compliant Health and Safety Systems and documentation

•   Ongoing support through the implementation phase

•   Regular monitoring

•   Help with team training and buy in

•   Statistical analysis and comparison so you can track your performance



•   Legislative Compliance

•   A Safe Home Every Day culture

•   Geniune owndership of safety throughout the business


Contact us for a no obligation discussion about where your Health and Safety Culture is at and how we can help…