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Training Courses

Our customized and public programmes deliver proven change in leadership behaviours to maximise the performance of your team and your business.

    8 Steps to Increase Your Team’s Productivity

  • Ideal for those currently in a managerial role or looking to move into one in the near future
  • This programme focusses on getting the right management behaviours to get the best outputs from your people 

       Upcoming Dates

  • 8 Steps Programme - 26th & 27th November, Manawatu
  • 8 Steps Programme - 12th & 13th December, Southland
  • 8 Steps Programme - 19th & 20th February, Te Awamutu
  • 8 Steps Programme - 26th & 27th February, Southland
  • 8 Steps Programme - 05th & 06th March, Canterbury
  • 8 Steps Programme - 2nd & 3rd April, Manawatu
  • 8 Steps Programme - 11th & 12th June, Southland
      $895 plus GST per participant

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    Empowering Teams

  • Aimed at empowering individuals within teams to build increased awareness, engagement and empowerment
  • Ideal if you are looking to increase the performance power of your team or looking at enhancing the skill set of particular people in your team 
  • Run 'in-house' specifically for your business or as part of one of our public programmes 

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  • Looking to do things easier,  better, faster and safer?
  • This programme is about tuning your farm business so it works for you 
  • Learn alongside your team and other farmers in practical and hands-on workshops

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   Four Fundamentals 

  • New to a supervisory role or wanting to get there?
  • This programme will help you get some fundamental skills nailed

       Upcoming Dates

  • Four Fundamentals Programme - 07th December, Te Awamutu
  • Four Fundamentals Programme - 31st January, Canterbury
  • Four Fundamentals Programme - 07th March, Te Awamutu
  • Four Fundamentals Programme - 20th March, Southland

        $295 plus GST

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    Beyond 8 Steps

  • Ideal for graduates of the 8 Steps to Increase your team's productivity programme
  • This programme focusses on increasing your toolkit of management and leadership strategies even more 

       Upcoming Dates

  • Beyond 8 Steps Programme - 09th & 10th April, Canterbury
  • Beyond 8 Steps Programme - 17th & 18th April, Te Awamutu
  • Beyond 8 Steps Programme - 14th & 15th May, Manawatu

      $895 plus GST per participan

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    GEAR-UP for great Governance

    Are you looking for a training programme that will demystify governance?

  • Help to get the right strategic advice in your business
  • Help you become a great advisor to SME and family-owned business
  • Practical advice on what good governance could look like in your business
  • If you are a potential governance advisor, the confidence to know what you can contribute

       Upcoming Dates

  • To be confirmed

       $3000 plus GST (two-day programme for two people per business)

       $3000 plus GST (three-day programme for potential governors )

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    Step Back & Lead 

  • Is it time to take a step back from your business?
  • Are you uncertain or worried about how to do this?
  • Looking for some frank and pragmatic advice to get to where you want to be?

       Upcoming Dates

  • Step Back Days 1 & 2 Programme - 07th & 08th February, Te Awamutu
  • Step Back Day 3 Programme - 12th March, Te Awamutu

        $1850 plus GST (3-day programme plus questionnaires and follow-up)

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