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Work Styles Profile



Behavioural insights



Getting a Work Style Profile completed on yourself, someone in your team or the whole team gives you insights into managing yourself and others the best way possible to get maximum engagement and performance.  

There are four things critical to job success

·       Values alignment

·       Intellectual capability

·       Skills

·       Behavioural fit

Our work styles profiling tool is a quick and easy way for you to get insights into your own or your team member’s behaviours so that you can increase your ability to manage and lead your people positively and give them the insights they need to work productively in your team.


So whether you want a single profile or your whole team mapped, talk to us about your specific needs and objectives and we’ll help.


Work Styles Profile help you understand 

ü  Key motivators 


ü  Behaviours you are likely


ü  The best way to give feedback 


ü  The kind of work your team member might enjoy


ü  What their blind spots might be


ü  How to get the best of them


ü  How to be a better leader





ü  $150 per profile (excl. GST)


ü  Talk to us about a discount for four or more




‘Easy on-line completion and great information that helped me do the right thing for and with my team’